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Our efforts and focus are always directed to our clients and their needs


Lead Guards is the total security solution provider that offers a complete suite of security solution in the areas of security protection services, physical security and information Communication Technology for Government, private and industries to manage and mitigate the security threats inherent in their environment. Founded in 2003, we were initially envisioned as a basic training facility to support the need of security provision in Nigeria. Today Lead Guards is capable of providing much more. Its founder, a former Army Military Officer specialises in security protection services. Since 2003, he has expanded his corporate vision, empowering a talented collection of seasoned professionals from a wide range of disciplines, directing them to develop and provide efficient and operationally effective security solutions for the clientele.

The company’s ability to deliver excellence services is made possible through the integrated of its four core competences. Advance Training, logistics/mobility, technology innovation, and human/material resources. Lead Guards has its Headquarters in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. As one of the Nigeria’s most successful security services corporations, we are a leading provider of creative security solutions for Government and non Government Clients.

Our reputation as a trusted security provider has given us continued growth and successes in the security technologies, and professional security services to meet the growing security demand in the market place. Since inception we have enabled our customers to optimise their security investment and proactively protect their assets from potential threat.







To provide unique and timely security solutions and services that exceed our customers’ stated need and expectations, guided by integrity, innovation and desire for safer environment.



To be the leading provider of security services and innovative technology solution in security industry.



With a history of quality, experienced professionals and a thorough understanding how a scarcity of key resources can adversely affect the successful executor of an extended operations, Lead Guards is prepared to effectively meet the human and material demand of our customers. We employed team professionals in diverse backgrounds and cultures in their respective field of expertise who believe in workmanship and services excellence.



  • Integrity

    We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour and endeavour to instill recognized and acceptable core values of proper conduct in all our employees.

  • Team Work

    We operate as a coordinated body of collective wisdom and experience. Everyday our employees strive to discover and implement cohesive solutions to challenges by using the best minds we can assemble.

  • Innovation

    We value, encourage and empower our employees to dream, to innovate and challenge conventional wisdom. We strive to raise expectations and break through barriers other deem impossible to breach.

  • Respect

    We honour the rights and beliefs of our fellow associates, our customers, our employees and our community. We treat others with the highest degree of dignity, equal opportunity and trust. We respect the people and their culture.

  • Accountability

    We act ethically and legally as we meet our contractual commitments. We take responsibility of our behaviour and our performance. We are accountable everyday. We support quality assurance and personal discipline is all our endeavours.

  • Excellence

    We meet or exceed all professional and contractual expectations and obligations. We strive to deliver superior quality products and service on time and under budget. Our employees are dedicated, loyal and honourable.

  • Efficiency

    We create value with limited resources everyday. Our employees create exceptional products and services in response to specific customer’s need. We operate a streamlined organisation that prides itself on solving issues in a lean and economical manner. We deliver great value for a great price.

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